In Touch Academy

Who and what is the In Touch Academy?

The In Touch - Academy offers a platform for topics around the welfare of people and animals.

Natural solutions to natural problems are offered here. Interesting courses, holistic training, help for self-help and a portal full of knowledge and information are the hallmarks of this young, dynamic platform.

The aim is to create a network of learning, understanding and recognition in which every client can find answers to their questions about natural solutions.

Our offer

In Touch - Family

Bringing body, mind and soul into balance. Effective and natural solutions for the whole family.

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In Touch - Animal

Nature finds its way. Safe and natural alternatives for animal welfare.

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In Touch - Beauty

Beauty comes from within. A healthy lifestyle promotes a balanced attitude to life.

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Animal Essential Touch Method

The application method for horse, dog and cat. Special technique with natural essences, strokes, animal communication and energetics.

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Two hearts – one Mission

Ein Podcast über das Leben, Ziele, Visionen und die magische Welt der ätherischen Öle.

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Animal communication

In der Tierkommunikation dreht es sich nicht ausschliesslich darum, Fragen zu beantworten, im besten Fall passiert Heilung.

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What our customers say

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We were able to experience an impressive weekend and learn a great method. learn a great method. The reaction of the animals was incredible and very impressive. The direct feedback of the animals says more than a thousand explanations.
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The certification course was a great experience for me. Until my youth I always had animals around me and I was very happy to finally have horses in close proximity again. Animals reflect our emotions. Horses especially. This experience was very touching. It is enriching to work with animals. Everyone should have experienced this. So sign up for the next course right away, you won't regret it.
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The personal and sensitive counselling helped me not only to tackle my health problems, but also to find my emotional balance and stabilise it within a very short time. The recommended pure essential oils helped me enormously and within 5 days I was pain-free.
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My skin was simply awful. I would have preferred to hide at home. With the help of nutritional supplements and essential oils, my skin condition changed immediately. Thank you very much for this detailed advice and the valuable tips.
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I am thrilled with the In Touch Academy. Whether animal or human questions on the subject of health and well-being, they are answered immediately and looked after conscientiously. I can highly recommend it.
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I thought the course was great. There was a harmonious atmosphere between all the participants, I felt very comfortable. You are doing a great job, bravo. And I think it's great that you make the animals available.
Rama and Christine
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Our three really like the massages with the oils and Pearl, who used to escape when you used essential oils, came to me the other night. used to run away when you used essential oils, came to me the other evening because she saw that I was holding an oil in my hands and offered herself. offered. It wasn't one for the dogs, but of course she gave me a short ear massage with lavender. a short ear massage with lavender. Ears and neck are are her favourite places. As a Cocker, she also has huge things, really nice to massage... .