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The InTouch Academy offers you various courses, training and further education in which you learn the correct use of essential oils and natural alternatives on animals.
Dive with us into a fascinating world of scents and possibilities and educate yourself further in this exciting topic.

In Touch Animal

At In Touch Animal, we have made it our business to build courses that are easy to follow and can provide the best possible support for you and your pet. The courses take place online.

Find the right course that best supports you and your pet.

Intestinal health dog

How is the dog's intestine structured? What to do when it rumbles and hurts? Allergies, digestive problems and more on the subject of intestines and the natural alternatives that help your dog and you.

Intestinal health horse

How does the horse's intestine work? How is it structured? What can I do for colic, diarrhoea, watery stools and more? Natural approaches for your horse and yourself.

Essential oils and the safe use for horses, dogs and cats

Which essential oils can I use for which health complaints? How can I optimally support my animal, promote its health and well-being and what can I do if the body goes off track? Helpful tips on essential oils and their use for horses, dogs and cats.

Essential oils and their safe use in stable animals

Diarrhoea in calves, skin problems in pigs, health issues in goats, rabbits and donkeys. You will learn this and much more in this exciting course.

Online consultation

There is no course that helps you? You urgently need a personal consultation for your animal?

In Touch Animal offers you solution-oriented approaches to promote the health of your animal, to advise you individually and to accompany you and your animal. You can do this comfortably and safely from home via online consultations.
Nature finds its way and can harmonise the body, mind and soul.

What we can discuss together in the online consultation:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Healthy feeding
  • Gut health
  • Animal communication
  • Health care with essential pure oils, herbs and homeopathy
  • Approaches to support with small trivialities
  • First aid

What we cannot do is make diagnoses. This requires an appointment and a consultation on site, or the involvement of a veterinarian and a veterinary examination.

The next consultation takes place on a date when you don't have time? Contact us and we will arrange an individual appointment for you and your darling.

What is Animal Essential Touch Method?

Balance the body, mind and spirit of horses, dogs and cats with the Animal Essential Touch Method.

An intensive aromatic oil application that combines ancient traditions with modern knowledge.

It has long been recognised that touch, as non-verbal communication, has a positive influence on the social-emotional sphere between humans and animals and has a healing effect.

The Animal Essential Touch method unfolds its full power with targeted touch and the application of oils and works on the physical and psychological level. The pure essential oils flow easily through the aura, skin and muscles and spread from cell to cell throughout the body and have a significant impact on the animal's well-being, energy field and physical body.

The Animal Essential Touch Method is an extremely effective method that relaxes and harmonises the body, mind and soul of the animal on a holistic level. 5 different pure essential oils are applied in a specific order to the energy zones of the back and legs, as well as to the feet.

The combination of strokes and energy techniques using high quality essential oils help to cleanse and regenerate the cells.

The special techniques and highly effective oils create a synergy that is unparalleled.

The application possibilities of Animal Essential Touch are enormously versatile. Among other things, the method has a supportive effect on:

Encourage the massage and essences:

With the Animal Essential Touch method it is possible:

AETM Certification Course

It offers you the opportunity to further your education and to become certified as an animal lover, counsellor and therapist. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world and look forward to understanding animals even better and supporting and accompanying them in their mental and physical complaints. With the certificate you are authorised to apply the Animal Essential Touch Method (horse, dog, cat).


Become a trainer and teach the AETM independently at your certification courses. The In Touch Academy offers you the exclusive Animal Essential Touch Method Trainer Course 2022. In addition to all the technical content, learn how to deliver the certification courses, how to promote them and how to add value to yourself and your team. Experience an extraordinary course, experience yourself and let your inner self shine.


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